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Seasonal Lawnc are from Turf Works

Turf Works is one of the areas leaders in fescue and other cool season grass establishment. Fall is the best time to enhance your lawn with our deep core aeration and overseeding service! Each aeration and overseeding comes with an application of our starter fertilizer. Our aerate and overseed crews are seasoned professionals. Our aeration equipment produces a deep core aeration for root establishment and development. We use one of the highest rated, Blue Tag Certified, NTEP seeds!

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The Benefits of Aeration

If you are in the Raleigh, Durham, or Chapel Hill areas aeration is a must to maintain a healthy lawn. Aeration relieves soil compaction that occurs naturally or from normal foot traffic. Aeration is a process that extracts plugs from the soil alleviating compaction which then allows water, oxygen, and fertilizer to get to the roots. Hot summers, disease and drought take a toll on lawns fall aeration is an important part of the repair process.

Better Air Exchange

Stronger Roots

More Efficient Water Absorption

Increased Thatch Breakdown

Improved Nutrient Absorption

How Does Aeration Work?

Turf Works Aeration Services for Raleigh-Durham
what is the aeration process?
What does aeration do?

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