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Deciding on the right sod for your property can feel a little daunting. We will help you select the right turf grass (or fescue if you want it!) for your property in Holly Springs. Taking into account shade, soil, water, and spa

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Turf Works Professional Lawn Care has been successfully establishing turf grass and fescue sod lawns in Holly Springs for years.

Turf Works Professional Lawn Care offers sod installation and sod replacement services for Holly Springs, NC (and beyond!). Sod is a series of grass rolls which roll out quickly on to prepped land and provide an immediately lush lawn for your property. At first, there may be small seams visible between the grass rolls, but these combine to create a full and lush lawn at a fraction of the speed of a seeded lawn. If you’re ready to have a beautiful lawn, right away, do not hesitate to reach out to us for a complimentary consultation whether sod is right for your property, and what the costs may be!
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Sod Installation for Holly Springs!

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A properly installed sod lawn not only looks beautiful, but has many great benefits. Below we outline just a few of those benefits for replacing or renovating your lawn with a brand new sodded lawn.

The benefits of sod installation

Sod conserves more water than a seeded lawn. Sod is a dense pallet of grass with fertilizers and soil underneath. The density of sod means that more water gets absorbed by the roots of the grass instead of getting absorbed by the soil underneath. What’s more, sod absorbs more rain than a seeded lawn—for up to three years! This reduces the risk of ponding water on your lawn as well as erosion. Sod deters pests. The density of lawn sod means that there is a lower likelihood that burrowing insects will build their nests in the soil of your lawn. There’s also a lower likelihood that insects and other pests will be able to move through the dense grass—meaning you’re protecting your property, as well as any other green investments you’ve made to your landscape. Sod helps filter ground water. The root systems of a roll of sod tend does a much better job of filtering run-off that gets on to your lawn, which protects the natural ground water systems around your property. Sod can increase the market value of your property. Proper grass sod installation means you’ll have a beautiful lawn in a fraction of the time it takes to seed a lawn, which means that the value of your property could increase by a significant margin very quickly!

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