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Sod installation near me in Garner NC!

New sod lawn installation for homeowners in the Garner NC area . (and beyond!)

f you are looking for a Garner Sod installation company near me, look no further than Turf Works Professional Sod installation! We offer affordable sod installation for all types of residential applications.

With sod installation, your lawn will be virtually weed-free. This is because sods are prepared to be free of harmful weeds. Once installed, sods will eliminate weeds and prevent them from growing back. This is one hassle off your back, since you don’t have to pay somebody to do the weeding for you or you don’t have to weed your lawn yourself. Additionally, you won’t have to spend on herbicides just to eliminate nasty weeds.

With sodding, there is no need to wait for the grass to grow. This means that you can save on water bills, which is not the case when you grow grass instead. Sods also prevent soil from eroding and make the area surrounding your property cooler and more attractive.

For Triangle area homeowners, we recommend Bermuda, or Zoysia, but depending on your lawns characteristics we may have other great options available to you!. Call Turf Works professional sod installation for a free quote!

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What Can Fresh Sod Grass and Landscaping Do For Your Garner NC Yard?

Sodding is the fastest and easiest way to establish a lawn. We spend a year growing seed into sod so when it comes to your home, it has reached maturity. With proper care, your newly sodded yard will be ready for use in 3 weeks. The average size yard can be installed in a few hours at a modest cost. Although seeding initially costs less, many costs recur due to erosion, reseeding, over-seeding, and watering. Seed can take 2 to 3 weeks to germinate. Newly seeded lawns take a great deal of time and nurturing to establish into mature, healthy lawn and cannot be used for months

Why Sod?

A well landscaped yard will add 15% to 20% to the value of your home. Clean & soft, grass is the safest playing surface for children, kids and pets. Relax or romp, nothing beats grass for an outdoor surface.
  • Sod is easy to work with and can be used in two to four weeks
  • Sod can be installed anytime the ground is not frozen
  • Sod uses less water to established than seed
  • Seed can take 2 to 3 weeks to germinate

Erosion & Filtration

Because sod is fully mature the day it is installed, it immediately controls erosion. Sod can be installed on steep hills and is used on slopes for stabilization. Turf grass lawns filter dirt and dust from your environment and eliminate mud. A lawn absorbs carbon dioxide & releases oxygen keeping the air clean & fresh around your home. A lawn also filters & muffles noise.

No job is too big or too small.

No job is too big, or too small for Turf Works. Give us a call or send us an email to schedule a free consultation and estimate. Don’t just take our word for it. Check out what our clients are saying: