TifTuf Bermuda Grass

Developed at the University of Georgia

Keeping its stunning dark green complexion all year round while requiring little maintenance makes this Bermuda variety a real crowd favorite!

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About TifTuf Bermuda Grass

Bermuda is a great sod option for the Triangle area! With TifTuf Bermuda, you know that you’ll be getting the best of both worlds. You get the consistent beauty of Bermuda with great durability! This kind of hybrid grass is the result of almost 25 years of extensive research and development from the University of Georgia. It is known for having a beautiful, fine-bladed leaf with incredible hardiness.

The benefits of TifTuf Bermuda Grass

Besides its attractive appearance, TifTuf is known for being one of the most tolerant turf grasses available for the Raleigh-Durham area. It is drought-resistant while having very good cold tolerance. In addition to this, it has high tolerance for shade, our unpredictable weather, pests and diseases, making it one of the most versatile turf varieties available.

This hybrid Bermuda is a solid choice for high traffic areas due to its resilience and strength. In the event of damage, TifTuf is self-repairing, requiring very little maintenance overall, especially when compared to other turf varieties.

When it comes to TifTuf, you’ll be watering this lawn less than you would other turf varieties. In fact, this Bermuda grass has such one of the little watering requirements of all Bermuda turf.

Characteristics of TifTuf Bermuda Grass

The University of Georgia, where TifTuf was developed, was adamant that TifTuf Bermuda would only be able to continue its high performance if the variety remained entirely pure. Their solution to this was to breed all of the foundation grass from a single plant at the University of Georgia. This means that when you purchase TifTuf, you know that you’re getting genetically pure, beautiful yet resilient grass!
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