Lawn Top Dressing

If you are looking to take your Raleigh-Durham lawn to the next level, consider adding top dressing to have one of the healthiest, fullest, and level yards in your neighborhood!

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Lawn leveling services are a cost-effective way to increase the health and beauty of your lawn.

​Don’t let your lawn have holes and an uneven surface, top dressing can be performed by our exerts to help your lawn care. We add compost material and blend it in with organic soil to help your lawn grow. Healthy soils leads to a healthy lawn, call us today for your top dressing necessities.

The Turf Works topdressing process includes core aeration, fertilization, lawn topdressing with top grade compost at an appropriate rate with dragging and spot leveling. Turf Works of NC offers premier lawn topdressing in many areas. If you’re interested in our lawn top dressing service, contact our lawn care professionals to schedule a consultation.

What does top dressing do?

Top Dressing and leveling by Turf Works of NC
Lawn topdressing is an excellent way to relieve soil compaction. It also reduces thatch buildup, improves drainage, evens out terrain, and increases nutrient absorption. Top dressing is most beneficial when done properly and routinely by lawn care professionals.
How does top dressing help my lawn?
Topdressing is applying a thin layer of soil, compost, or sand to your lawn. This improves soil conditions and lawn health. Applying an organic material will increase fertility, which will decrease fertility needs. This practice also helps control thatch, reduce disease, and reduces recovery time in turf areas. A beneficial soil structure does not consist of too much sand or clay. Your soil needs to be moist but not saturated. Topdressing material can assist in soil permeability, which allows for improved airflow and nutrient uptake. When applied after core aeration, topdressing material will quickly be incorporated into the soil.
Top Dressing Your Lawn Benefits

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