Zenith Zoysia Grass

Low growth sod grass

Emerald Zoysia is a hybrid variety offering a dark emerald green color and a finer more wiry blade texture.

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About Zenith Zoysia Grass

Zenith Zoysia grass is a warm season grass that is a common choice for zoysia grass sod in the Raleigh-Durham area. Zenith zoysia grass has an aggressive growth pattern, while slow, it can easily spread and take over undesirable weeds and other grasses. Due to its thick canopy, Zenith does require a high amount of mowing.

Zenith zoysia grass uses less water than bluegrass or fescue and in general requires less maintenance. Zenith is also an improved variety of turf grass that has an excellent color and exhibits good cold tolerance making a good selection for the hot summers and cooler springs/falls of the Triangle!

The benefits of Zenith Zoysia Grass

  • Stays greener later into the fall compared to other zoysia grasses
  • Infrequent mowing requirements under low fertility
  • Low fertility and water requirements
  • Improved shade tolerance

Characteristics of Zenith Zoysia Grass

With dark green leaves, Zenith Zoysia Grass creates a dense, slow growing, low maintenance turf grass that can tolerate traffic better than most warm-season grasses. Zenith Zoysia Grass tolerates extreme heat and cold. It is well adapted for climates in the upper transition zone. It is most commonly used for residential/commercial lawns, sports fields, and golf courses.

Zenith is a new Zoysia which has a blade-width similar to Centipede, many Bluegrasses, and some Ryegrasses, but not as wide as most Fescues. It is not as fine-bladed as Emerald Zoysia.


Zenith Zoysia Grass

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